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Some friends and I made a photo zine. Click the picture or the hyperlink below to go to the facebook page. Big stuff in the works, so make sure to keep an eye out!
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By Kayslot /  Kay Jan AKA Slot

Presumed occult globe rupture resulting in sympathetic opthalmia

Sinnencity, 2008

American Psycho (2000)Mary Harron

House in Utsunomiya2 is a minimalist house located in Tochigi, Japan, designed by Soeda and Architects. Upon designing this house, the architects were asked to design within a very limited budget as well as fulfilling the following specific requests from the client: double-height living room with sufficient natural light to be placed at the center of the house, three private rooms, and a large terrace. The site is located in the suburb of a provincial city, along a bus route linked to/from the city center.